Project Z

23.11.19 - 08.03.20

Project Z is a celebration of the loved and unloved music of exceptional artists. Enter the hall of mirrors of the distorted note, the wild universe of expression and unfiltered sound. The unheard and the unheard of. 

KRANKLAND (Eline Adam and Thomas Werbrouck) search for old and contemporary gems outside of the mainstream, in the social-artistic field, in institutes, at specialist arts centres and record companies. They look for music made from atypical perspectives, oeuvres from musicians who undermine ‘normal’ and ‘fine’ music, artists who make us question what it is like to be an artist. 

With a thick songbook under its arm, KRANKLAND invites established musicians: who feels a connection? Who is in for a challenge? Who wants to celebrate expression?

All that has resulted in unique relationships, collaborations where being different evaporates. These four unions extraordinaires get a place and installation at the Dr. Guislain Museum.

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