Summer Guests

16.06.18 - 23.09.18

Galerie Atelier Herenplaats

Crime scenes, aliens and flower turtles adorn the vibrant workspace of Galerie Atelier Herenplaats. This remarkable initiative offers artists with a mental disability or a psychiatric background a place for experiment. These artists are represented in European and American collections and exhibited internationally. The pieces that Museum Dr. Guislain has selected from the atelier’s extensive collection comes together in a universe that tempts and amazes, and sometimes unexpectedly pulls us in.

Kunsthuis Yellow Art

In 2004 the parental house of Jan Hoet became the breeding ground for artists with a psychiatric vulnerability. In this way, Kunsthuis Yellow Art claimed its place in the psychiatric history of Geel, a city famous for its century-old family care system. For Yellow Art integration is also the key word. Museum Dr. Guislain dove into the depots of this arthouse, opened an endless amount of folders, roamed around the workshop and browsed through filing cabinets. A  journey alongside spherical structures and mountainscapes, populated by enticing ladies and shiny domestic appliances.

Het Vijfde Seizoen en Beautiful Distress

On the fringes of the institution Willem Arntsz Hoeve in Utrecht there is a separate pavilion. The building houses a special initiative: Het Vijfde Seizoen (the fifth season). Each season, since 1998, the initiators of the project invite one or more known or lesser known artists to live there for 3 months and create at least one piece. A similar project started in the psychiatric institution Kings County in New York in 2014, called Beautiful Distress. This summer in Ghent the selection of pieces made during artist residencies in Utrecht and New York turns into a manifest: artists break down the age-old walls surrounding psychiatry from the inside out.
In collaboration with Esther Vossen, curator.



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