I see something you don’t see

Art and autism
19.07.14 - 21.09.14

I see something you don’t see…and the colour is red: a popular child’s game. Guess what I am thinking about? What I see? What runs through my mind? The object that I ‘see’ can be found in this space and the colour is merely a clue. The players guess without anything to go by: a game develops, difficult, funny, witty, exciting and hilarious. Does the player overlook something crucial? Can it be found in the smallest detail? Does he look in the same way as the others.

I see something you don’t see is an exhibition of works made by artists with autism. Will you look at them differently by knowing this? Does prejudice, stigma and small facts on autism change the way you look at this particular art? Or maybe it doesn’t matter and is this work as good or as bad, as yellow or blue as that of artists without autism? I see something you don’t see doesn’t give a definitive answer to these questions. But it challenges us to, just like the game, with the clue in mind, look at this work with an open mind and in this way trying to ‘find’ it.

In cooperation with akku e.V. (Autismus, Kunst und Kultur)

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