Patch Places

Youth Care Organizations between Romance and Trauma
22.11.14 - 15.02.15

A warm family for children to grow up in: it’s a romantic idea. But what if the family doesn’t live up to the expectations? What if it is the minor who’s causing trouble? To protect the child, the government intervenes. But what does it mean for the child? Is the placement in an institution, that acts as a substitute for family, a resting place, a patch place, or is it a life changing, sometimes traumatic experience?

Patch Places depicts the history of youth care: from the optimism of the institution as a pedagogical solution until the most recent sensitivity towards the painful practices. Youth institutions provide care and protection, but can also leave a mark. Are children brought up or held back? Patch Places takes part in a lively and current debate and wants to intensify the many questions concerning youth care.

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