In a state

Man in the contemporary art collection of the Fondation Francès
22.06.13 - 06.10.13

The collection of contemporary art of Estelle and Hervé Francès from Senlis, France portrays man in every possible state or form: examined from head to toe, turned inside out, treated with great respect or in an exceptionally brute way.

What becomes visible? Man’s dark side with his urge for destruction and brutality, man involved in a heavy struggle or looking for that which is forbidden, but also man who believes and loves.

Leading international contemporary artists depict our excesses in works on death, religion, war, disease, and sexuality. The pieces are in confrontation with the works of the Museum Dr. Guislain’s permanent collections.

Beauty does not come first; it is man who searches, loses, fights or wins. The images are confronting and, at times, hard to digest.

Estelle and Hervé Francès’ collection invites us to reflect and discuss, makes us aware of ourselves and the world, and it is also shocking, provocative, it makes us look away and gasp for air.

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