Dangerously Young

Child in danger, child as danger
01.10.11 - 20.05.12

Having children is a special experience: the future holds infinite possibilities. Children earn love, protection and attention, all of which give them every opportunity to develop as fully as possible. Parents and guardians do everything in their power to make this happen. ‘Children hold the key to the future’, so the saying goes: it’s a solemn promise and a wonderful outlook. But beneath all this, there lurks a fear: what if something goes wrong in their upbringing? What if the child becomes ill? What if society doesn’t give the young person room to develop? What if parents and guardians ‘fail’?

The exhibition Dangerously young. Child in danger, child as danger takes the visitor on a journey full of questions. How do artists portray the uncomplicated, sweet child? But also: how do they depict situations in which the child becomes a danger to adults? How have psychiatrists, parents or journalists described, brought up or helped children who, in one way or another, constitute a danger?

The exhibition is accompanied by a full-colour, 192-page catalogue (in Dutch and English), published by Lannoo and designed by Dooreman, with contributions from experts including Peter Adriaenssens, Bruno Vanobbergen and Gerda Dendooven.

Dangerously young is a joint venture between the Commission on Children’s Rights’, Kopergietery, Gezinsbond and the Dr. Guislain Museum.

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