Psychiatrist Patients Portraits 1865-2015
12.06.15 - 11.10.15

The emergence of the mental institution and the early development of photography coincide around mid-nineteenth century. Psychiatrists and photographers quickly become interested in each other’s world. Until well into the twentieth century patients are photographed as a form of inventory, an attempt to document the illness rather than the ill. In the 1960’s the relationship changes: photographers start to use their pictures to denounce the abuses in psychiatry. The mental hospital as an institution is no longer evident. The fascination with photography still plays an important role in psychiatry. But the stakes have changed: the patient himself starts to work with the medium and gives an insight into his own world. (Photo)sensitive - Psychiatrists Patients Portraits 1865-2015 shows a long and intense history of unexpected and surprising recurring motifs: convulsive hands, strange bodily curves, half hidden medical instruments.

The summer also brings three other expositions: Facing Japan, Condemned and The House.
These exhibitions will be opened mid June and are a part of 80 Days of Summer festival in Ghent.

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