Marita De Sterck en Jonas Thys
Jonas Thys
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Fairy Tales and Taboo
21.11.15 - 21.02.16

Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty: we think we know these stories, but they came to us in sweetened versions. Anthropologist Marita de Sterck sought the older, rawer versions in manuscripts, archives and forgotten collections. In their uncensored form the fairy tales are anything but romantic: they are teeming with horror, violence and eroticism. A clever hunchback seduces a frigid king’s daughter, Catskin carries out even dirtier chores than Cinderella, a young king impregnates a sleeping beauty and a wicked stepmother makes soup of her own child. The fairy tales excite and confront us with guilt, shame and taboo. How do cruel tales teach us to deal with reality? Can they help us make painful experiences more debatable?

Marita de Sterck gives a taste of the age-old treasure of folk tales. Jonas Thys presents the key scenes in powerful images. The exhibition compiles text and images and depicts disturbing as well as familiar fears and fantasies.

Stories from Vuil vel (Catskin) and Beest in bed (Beast in bed), compiled by Marita de Sterck, illustrated by Jonas Thys.

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