Dirk De Wachter Museum

Art & psychiatry in borderline times
25.06.16 - 25.09.16

For one summer the Dr. Guislain Museum becomes the Dirk De Wachter Museum. In Borderline Times psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter establishes a sharp diagnosis of today’s society: we live in borderline times. Impulsiveness, affective lability, emptiness … are not only individual symptoms, but also features of a broader, collective evolution. In his diagnosis Dirk De Wachter assigns great value to literature, philosophy and art. Dirk De Wachter Museum examines the way contemporary art represents today’s society and the current time, and reveals the shortcomings and possibilities in its own language.

The book Borderline Times and its author have been receiving a great deal of attention. That says a lot about the difficulties to which the psychiatrist’s work refers, but also about his own place in society. Dirk De Wachter Museum zooms in on the phenomenon of Dirk De Wachter and sheds light on other famous psychiatrists throughout history, who have entered the public stage, adopted a critical attitude towards society and considered art as an indispensable link.

The exhibition Dirk De Wachter Museum is a collaboration between psychiatrists Dirk De Wachter and Erik Thys and the curators at the Museum Dr. Guislain.

A richly illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition (D, 144 p., Uitgeverij Lannoo).

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