Between adventure and misadventure
24.11.16 - 16.04.17

Moses, Tarzan and Superman: we don’t give it much thought, but in popular stories the protagonist is often an adopted child with special powers. Myths, novels and comics are teeming with adopted heroes. The exhibition goes into this cultural fascination and confronts it with historical documents and contemporary questions. How does origin influence the search for an own identity? How do adoption practices evolve? Is the focus on the child, the prospective parents or society? How do procedures work and what if they are lacking? How do we deal with the traumas caused by forced adoption today?

The varied, sensitive history of adoption is illustrated with documentary material, old and modern art, literature, photography, film excerpts and testimonies. Adoption. Between adventure and misadventure explores the representation of adoption practices, focuses on personal stories and in this way enters the current debate.

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