On internment, crime and punishment
06.05.17 - 15.10.17

Should someone who has committed a crime, but who is not responsible for his/her deeds, be punished? Or is psychiatric treatment more appropriate? And what if the latter is not available?

We can get an idea of the situation of a convicted criminal or a psychiatric patient. But it is not that simple when it comes to an interned person. The exhibition (Un)treated shows the daily life of interned persons, but also pays attention to the abstract judicial framework. Behind the court rulings there are people with psychological problems and/or impairments. Although internment seems to be a suitable alternative for detention, the reality is often complex and problematic.

(Un)treated. On internment, crime and punishment wishes to contribute to the debate on forensic psychiatry, and confronts the history, the compelling topicality and the jurisdiction and legislation, with personal stories of perpetrators and victims.

(Un)treated is a cooperation of Orde van Vlaamse Balies, Handelsreizigers in ideeën and Dr. Guislain Museum.

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