Ave Luïa

The Newest Testament according to La “S” Grand Atelier
24.06.17 - 15.10.17

Ave Luïa dives into an extraordinary world of cardinals and nuns, chasubles and crucifixes, cathedrals and stained glass windows, and creates a universe in which well-known religious images change their shape. Far removed from ideological discussions or heated debates, the exhibition celebrates the creative approach to catholic imagery and the stories that are deeply embedded in western culture. The Mystic Lamb gets a make-over, the New Testament a surprising interpretation. Candid apostles and rebellious exegetes turn Ave Luïa into a celebration of divine pleasure.

Ave Luïa was created in La ‘S’ Grand Atelier, a creative center for artists with a mental disability in Vielsalm, which is famous for its original approach to art brut. The daring collective and thematic projects, and the many collaborations with contemporary artists, have given la ‘S’ a unique place in the art world.

Bruno Decharme/collection abcd and Antoine de Galbert purchased this extraordinary set of works together, in order to conserve it in its entirety and present them to as broad a public as possible.

Collections abcd / Bruno Decharme, Paris  & Antoine de Galbert, Paris

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